Friday, December 19, 2008

Snow Day

So I wake up today and there are 2-3 inches of snow on my car. My immediate thought was that maybe tonight's game would be canceled. Maybe We would have an extra day to prepare, but we don't. And the game is on for tonight. Hopefully we can figure out a way to get a win. We have a habit of being up double digits, but not being able to maintain the intensity that got us the lead for the entire game. Maybe we can rectify it tonight because the players didn't have class today as the semester is over. Something's got to give.

That being said I would like to give a shout-out to Brother Bilaal as it is his Birthday celebration tonight in downtown Red Bank.

Oh and I do apologize for the hiatus, things get kinda crazy around the holiday season.

Monday, December 8, 2008

It's a Cold, Cold World

So, we lost again this past Saturday. We played at Quinnipiac, which means that I had to drive up to Hamden, CT to watch us play a good first 10-15 minutes, and then play like crap for the rest of the game. If, and I know that it is a big if, we can play with intensity for a full 40 minutes, we will win more games than we lose this year. That being said, we haven't put together a full half yet. We just have to get mentally tougher, however you do that.

We have a game today, at home, on TV, against FDU on the MSG channel for those of you interested and have access to this channel. I will be that tall guy on the Monmouth University bench, if you are looking for me.

Did I mention that it is cold outside? Stay warm people.

Friday, December 5, 2008

League Play

It starts tomorrow. A new Season. Practices have been more more energetic the past couple of days. More so than I have ever seen this year. It is actually good to see. This comes on the heels of getting our asses handed to us on Tuesday by Seton Hall. They hung 101 points on us. 101. When I was at Maryland and we played Monmouth, we didn't even score 100 points. And that was the year we won the Championship! I mean seriously, 100 points to Seton Hall?! Seton Hall?

Now that I have gotten that out of the way, I am really excited for league play to start up. I think we have a really good chance at being really competitive this year. If we make it to the top half of the league and get to the NEC tourney, we all know how tournaments can turn out. So it all begins this Saturday at Quinnipiac. Pray for us. Until next time.

Sunday, November 30, 2008


We Won! Now that I got that off of my chest, we beat the worst team in the nation (NJIT). They have lost 38 of their last 38 games. It was actually a two point game with about a minute and a half to go. We wound up winning by five. The one thing that really disappointed me was that when I went in the locker room some guys weren't excited that we won. There are a few selfish guys on our team it seems, but I will give them the benefit of the doubt and say that they were disappointed in their individual play. On Tuesday we play Seton Hall, who is playing pretty well considering that they have six scholarship players and a few walk-ons. It would be nice to go up there and come away with a win.

On another note, I got to see my family and wife over the holiday. For those of you that don't know by now, I moved to NJ for the job at Monmouth and she stayed in Cali until probably the spring and she will move back east depending on my job next year, as this is a part-time appointment. I will also get to see her this weekend before she goes back to Cali on Tuesday.

On to some Terp talk. The Terps are going to have problems this year, it seems, with any team that has big guys that can play. I am going on the record saying that we will beat Duke this year because their big guys are not very good, and Landon should match up well with Singler. We will struggle with teams like UNC that have a rotation of big guys. Hopefully we can win this game against Georgetown today, as I always want to beat the local schools, and come the end of the year it would be huge if we could come out of this tournament with two wins against ranked teams.

I was going to dedicate this last paragraph to speaking about how I am not a fan of the city of Philadelphia, but I will just say that it sucks and leave it at that.

Go Giants.

Thursday, November 20, 2008

My Observations Thus Far

Today is our third game. We play the University of Rhode Island tonight at home. The first game of the season we played with a lot of toughness and grit and lost by three. Second game there was no intensity. Hopefully that will change tonight. As far as my job goes, I now realize that I need to be a little more organized. I have to get on top of things early on so that they do not become an issue later on.

For those of you that do not know, a close friend of mine lost his brother last Friday. Yesterday was the funeral, and afterward I spent the rest of the day hanging out with him and my buddy Toole. I really just wanted to be there for him because you never know how one will take the loss of a family member. We all actually wound up having a good time considering the circumstances. It was nice to see all of the people that came out and showed how loved that his brother was. But it was even more special when I got to hang out with him and his family and realized that it was his family that made him the special person that he was and they made me feel like a part of that family yesterday. Hopefully when I start a family with my wife we are able to foster that type of environment for our family.

Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Color Commentary

Ah, college basketball. I can't get enough of it. Even though the games are cupcakes versus BCS conference teams, I still watch and try to learn something new. That being said, I have to say that Jason (Jay) Williams has gotten A LOT better with his color commentary skills. I remember watching him previously and thinking that he should never do a game again. I was going to change the channel last night from the Michigan Tech. v. Michigan game as soon as I saw that he was doing the commentary. But I didn't. Partly because there was no other game on, and partly because last year listening to him was like watching a train wreck in progress. Remarkably, he seems more confident and as if he sat at home and just commentated games by himself at home on a tape recorder Joe Buck style over the summer. Whatever he did worked, and I look forward to about 10-15 years down the line when I am a head coach and he is doing one of my games. By then, he will be a polished veteran. Well played Jay Williams.

Monday, November 10, 2008

First Week of the Season

Today starts the first week of the college basketball season. The first game of the season will pit Georgia Southern at Houston, followed by the first televised game pitting Presbyterian at the No. 5 ranked Duke. I am excited for the season to start and to have our games actually count at Monmouth. This weekend we open up on Friday at Florida Atlantic in Boca Raton and Monday at Florida International in Miami. We need to get one if not both of these games. That would be a huge start of the season for us. Just think if we win these two, we will already be a quarter of the way towards having a better record than last year. Hopefully my confidence and experience can rub off on the team. We have to be better than last year, which isn't really saying much.

Friday, November 7, 2008

Things I Have Seen

In this blog, that will be updated as necessary, I will post some of the things that I have read or heard said about President Elect Barack Obama.

- If ten n****rs can't run a KFC how is one gonna run the country?
- What are they gonna call the white house now?
- U know the bad part is that obamas wife hates america and white people! And his dad is a terriost! All these obama lovers can drop on there knees and bow down to these! Obama is a fucking loser and he's a piece of shit!
- xxxxx is moving to least they don't have a socialist, jew hating president.

...more to come I'm sure.

A Few Days Later

So, it has been a few days after the election and while I am not surprised by the reaction of most, I am appalled at the reaction of some. As I browsed my facebook and myspace pages I witnessed comments that made me wonder why I befriended many of my "friends". I have no problem with people that do not believe that President Elect Obama should be the next President of the United States of America, but I do take issue with those that take their hatred, and I will even go as far as to say racism to such a level that begs the question, "How far have we really come with race relations in this country"? I thought it was thoroughly researched and disproved that President Elect Obama was not a terrorist. I thought it was confirmed that his name was Obama and not Osama. The most frightening and disturbing thing to me is the people that believe that because the PEOPLE voted for President Elect Obama that it somehow signifies the end of this experiment that we call America. News flash, it doesn't. As far as politics go, I believe that I am somewhat entrenched in the middle. I am a registered Democrat. That being said, I believe the strength of our nation lies with the individual and that each person’s dignity, freedom, ability and responsibility must be honored. I believe in equal rights, equal justice and equal opportunity for all, regardless of race, creed, sex, age or disability. I believe, free enterprise and encouraging individual initiative have brought this nation opportunity, economic growth and prosperity. I believe government must practice fiscal responsibility and allow individuals to keep more of the money they earn. I believe the proper role of government is to provide for the people only those critical functions that cannot be performed by individuals or private organizations, and that the best government is that which governs least. I believe the most effective, responsible and responsive government is government closest to the people. I believe Americans must retain the principles that have made us strong while developing new and innovative ideas to meet the challenges of changing times. I believe Americans value and should preserve our national strength and pride while working to extend peace, freedom and human rights throughout the world. And for those of you that have not realized it yet, these are all supposedly REPUBLICAN principles. To be truthful, I would probably be a Republican if and only if (IFF, shootout to Kuhar) the Republican party actually believe these core values. However, it seems to me that the Democrat's believe in this more so than their counterparts. Now some of you may question why, if I believe that the government must practice fiscal responsibility and allow individuals to keep more of the money they earn, and that the proper role of government is to provide for the people only those critical functions that cannot be performed by individuals or private organizations, did I vote for a Democrat that voted for the Financial Rescue Plan and raise taxes on those making over $250,000. Well as it turns out, the private organizations cannot handle the critical function of keeping our country from financial ruin, or educate our young people, or many other issues that if I mention will turn this blog into a novel. In order to accomplish the things that need to be accomplished the money needs to come from somewhere, and though I am not for raising taxes, if it helps our country, The United States of America, reestablish itself as the best country in the world, then I am all for it. Hell, you can even raise my taxes even though I don't make anywhere near $250,000. While I would hate to have less money in my checks it may afford me, down the line, the ability to provide my children with a solid education, or start my own business when this credit crunch is over. But I digress, this originally started as me stating how I feel about peoples overt or blatant racism on the social networks, so I will return to that. In closing, you should all be ashamed of yourselves. You should be proud that America, my America and your America, has come to a point where it is even possible to elect a black man to be president of the United States of America. He is not a terrorist. He is THE American Dream. While some of you are concerned with his possible connections to terrorist's and the like seem to gloss over the fact that Sen. McCain has been liked to domestic and foreign terrorism as well (Email me for further details if necessary). And for those of you that are afraid of the name Barack Hussein Obama, I will end with this, "What's in a name? That which we call a rose, by any other name would smell as sweet".

Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Election Day '08

So it is now upon us. The day that our voices can be heard. The day for change is here. Go Vote today. Vote Republican. Vote Democratic. Vote Independent. Vote Green. Vote Libertarian. Vote Constitution. Vote Socialist. Vote Objectivist. Vote Socialism & Liberation. Vote Prohibition. Vote Socialist Workers. Vote Boston Tea. Write yourself in. I don't really care*. Just Go Vote! That being said, my man Will wrote a Gem about it. Like to hear it? Here it go.

I have taken to calling this election a referendum on the sleaze that has become the "strategy" of the Republican party. If McCain/Palin somehow wins today can you imagine the depths to which they will go in 2012 to get a victory??? So even if you are not in love with Barack Obama, cast a vote for our country. Here is to the hope that all those who believe the con game the Republicans have been peddling can take a step back tomorrow and realize we are still one country and that their leader is not a terrorist nor anti-American. Here is to the hope that all those responsible for these disgusting smears, this pathetic fear campaign, join the hundreds of thousands of workers on the unemployment line, it is only right they spend some time with the people who are suffering the most from the policies they push.
Here is an endorsement for Sen. Obama, give a read and then find out where it is from:

"If the John McCain of 2000 saw today's counterpart, he wouldn't recognize himself, McCain is no longer a GOP maverick, or the war hero whose principles were unwavering. He has flip-flopped on issues ranging from tax cuts to torture in an effort to win over the conservative base of his party. He has waged a dismal campaign based on fear and divisiveness."

Editorial Board of Wyoming's Casper Star-Tribune
Dick Cheney's hometown newspaper

Here's to HOPE!

Lastly, please take a moment to think about the power that we are beginning to realize we possess. The best thing about this election, for me, is not the obvious but that millions of people who have discarded the idea of democracy and the power of their vote have discovered it. We are the checks and balances for this country, an educated voter can, in time, reverse most of the harm done in the last 8 years. We are responsible for this, We are responsible for not allowing another Florida in 2000, another Ohio in 2004. The ability is within us, we have all the tools to take ownership of our country, So lets keep those light bulbs Senator Obama has so magically illuminated in each of our brains burning bright. This cannot be a one time thing, for if it is we will be searching for another transcendent figure to dig us out of another deep hole before we know it. Sen. Obama has made it cool to be involved, seize that feeling and own it. This country was not created to be divided by religious beliefs, We were to be THE true democracy. As we have learned over the years just exactly what that means we have tried to correct our missteps, most, if not all of which have come from the greed of dishonorable men. So today can be the first step towards ridding our government of those not deserving of the honor to serve, and correcting the mistakes of our past. Some would have you believe Barack Obama is the devil, but not Obama or the author of the slander is the guilty party, complacency is the devil and the life blood of the Roves, the Cheney's the and Bush's. Lets conquer complacency and we will conquer them.


* - I actually do care who wins the election, I would just prefer that ALL of the people get out and decide who wins rather than a select few.

Saturday, November 1, 2008

The Competition

So I have finished week one of my weight loss "Competition". I put competition in quotation marks because I don't think it is a competition when you know you are going to win. Though I don't think I have lost any or much weight, I feel a little better physically (even though I am sore) and mentally. I know if I keep up what I am doing for the next couple of months there will be a drastic change. Best part about this week though is that our last recruit is leaving today so that I won't have to go out for breakfast, lunch, and dinner which has absolutely undermined my healthy eating habits. Though I do try to eat healthy when I do go out, there is no way that it compares to eating a regularly portioned meal and a salad like I was used to eating about two months ago which cause me to lose about 10-15 pounds and I didn't really even work out. So I figure, if I eat right and work out like I did this week, I should be able to lose a ton of weight (not literally a ton, but you know what I am saying) before the Final Four. Thus winning this "Competition".

Thursday, October 30, 2008

Sugar Free

Some of you may think that this is about Diabetes. Well it's not. It is about my man "Sugar Free" getting on me to update my blog. When I started this I expected to have something new everyday. However, I have realized that I lead a pretty boring life. That being said. I have some new material. So, I have been at Monmouth for a little under a month and I have gotten a look at this years team and I think that we will be competitive. We just have to mix the new with the old effectively and we will be fine.

I think I may be headed to the Final Four this year (probably not with the team). It will be interesting because the games will be played in Detroit (shout out to my man Gino Gambino), but the majority of the coaches (myself included) will be staying in Windsor, Canada. Not a good showing for the city of Detroit. I assume the Final Four will never again be in Detroit.

So, I unexpectedly got down to Homecoming last weekend. What a time. I got to catch up with some people that I haven't seen in years. Got drenched at the game. Changed, and had a great time at the C'Stone (shout out to T-O Double, JPerk, Jessi, Shiri, Joe "The Commercial Realtor", Mike 'T', and everyone else that I did not mention). For those of you that didn't make it should be ashamed, it was a blast.

So, my friend and I have entered into a friendly wager. We want to see who can lose the most weight between now and the Wednesday before the Final Four (April 1). Now this is imperative not only because I need to lose weight, but because I haven't lost to this man in anything in 10 years. And I have only known him for 10 years. So, I will need you words of encouragement so that I may continue my winning ways. However, due to the nature of this wager we will both be the winners.

Last, but probably most importantly, GO VOTE NEXT TUESDAY. If you are eligible to vote than it is your civic duty to do so. I know who I would like you to vote for, but if you vote for the other guy I don't care. Just get out there and vote. The system works much better when everyone is involved.

That's all for now. Peace, and much love to you.

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Week 1

SO my first week is almost over. I am getting settled in quite nicely. I have already had two visitors. One, my AAU coaches son, who is now a freshman in college. Man I am getting old. The other being my old high school chemistry teacher. He told me some troubling things about my former high school. I may look into it and see what the hell is going on over there. Previously I told you that I may be posting some of my friends writings that he calls, "The Daily Gem". I will have to get him actually blogging instead of sending out emails. Here is what he wrote. Enjoy.

When choosing a president one of the most important criteria is judgment, and one of the first moves made by a presidential candidate is their choice of a running mate. There are many different reasons one chooses a running mate, anywhere from winning a state to electrifying the base to finding a person to help govern. This decision is one that should be analyzed carefully, and I would like to give out some reading that may help everyone come to a decision on the judgment and the priorities, as well as what each of the candidates decisions says about who they are and the campaigns they are running. I hope to get past a lot of the hyperbole and falsehoods that one may encounter when trying to find out about our choices for president.

First here is a longer look inside the decision making process that led Barack Obama to select Joe Biden, straight from The New Yorker:

Here are a few different looks at Sarah Palin:,8599,1848420,00.html

I will be continuing to send out more articles related to everything Election 08, if you are undecided or you know someone who is please do them and your country a service and make sure they are making an educated decision, not one based strictly on emotion or hearsay, but one based on facts and what really will serve our country in the next four years.

Tuesday, October 14, 2008

I'm Back

So, I have been away for a while and I know you have all missed me. I have been away for so long because I moved back to NJ. This included packing up 90% of the household, having a going a way party, driving cross country with the wife and dog to her parents house in SC, and then up to NJ. After I got here, I had to go shopping for real world clothes. Apparently, jeans and polo's don't cut it in the real world. Yesterday was my first day as the Director of Basketball Operations at Monmouth U. and it went well. Mostly paperwork, but I did get to go out to dinner with the coaches and a recruit. If you are in the Jersey Shore area and in need of some good Italian food, I highly recommend La Nonna Piancone’s in Bradley Beach, NJ. That's it for now. Gotta get ready for day 2.

Monday, September 29, 2008

East Coast Trippin'

So I got the call this morning from Monmouth, and they officially offered me the job. I accepted it, so now all I have to do is find out when they need me there and how I am going to get back to NJ. As stated before, it looks like I will be driving. And there is that background check that they are going to do, I should be OK, but you never know what skeletons will fall out of the closet on those things. So, this experiment called living in San Diego is coming to a close. I will be back home in NJ in a few weeks, enjoying the cool fall days and nights, soon to become the cold winter days with horizontal snow fall. Awesome.

Sunday, September 28, 2008


So I have been slacking on my blog posts, but I have been busy, Yesterday was filled with watching the Terps take down Clemson and cleaning up a bit. The wife and I got a lot accomplished. One issue that has not been resolved yet is my car. I was leaving to go to a friends place in PB and found that my car is dead. None the less I made my way down there. Watched a little football and had an eventful night out. I am also in negotiations to get my man Will involved in this world of blogging. He always has something good to say. Will keep you updated. Other than that I have nothing.

Friday, September 26, 2008

Uneventful Day

Today, I started cleaning up the house a bit just in case I take the Monmouth job if offered. Can't leave the wife with a messy guest room. I have come to the conclusion that if I am offered the Monmouth job than I will take it. I'd say it's a 95% chance I will take it. This probably gives me another week or two in sunny San Diego. Other than that I have nothing much to report. However, my friend has a blog as well. Check it out when you get a chance.

Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Still Waiting

So, I am still waiting to hear back from Monmouth. While I am still subbing and coaching at La Jolla Country Day, I have started looking into other options for work, both coaching/teaching wise and corporate/real world jobs. I have heard that Under Armour is interested in starting a grass roots type of basketball program out here in So Cal and I would be interested in working for UA in that capacity, but those are just rumors and innuendos. Today, though I did look into how I would make the trip back to NJ were I to take the job. Seems like the best (read cheapest) way is to drive myself. Those auto transport companies are about a grand, and I don't have that kind of money nor time (they take about a week or 2 to deliver). It took me a little over 2 days to drive to San Diego from MD, but I think I may take a little more time to get to NJ were I to drive. Stop in Amarillo, Indianapolis, then to good old NJ over a course of 3 days. Maybe I will plan a route that will take 4 or 5 days to travel. But the planning is pure speculation as I have yet to be offered the job, nor accepted the position.

Tuesday, September 23, 2008

First Entry

OK, so this is my foray into blogging. Some may find it interesting, while most will not. I will try to stay on topic for the most part (meaning talk about myself and what is happening in my life). However, sometimes there will be a need for special commentary (ala Keith Olbermann). So lets start with the fact that I have just returned from a wonderful weekend in NJ. My brother Sean Feeney and Maria Maculaitis got married and I was lucky enough to be in the bridal party. Phenomenal time. Got to see some old friends and family and made some new ones. On my trip back to the Jersey Shore, I had a interview with the local university (Monmouth University) for their Director of Basketball Operations position, and I think I have a pretty good shot at landing the job. Only problem being that I would possibly have to leave the lovely wife in sunny San Diego for a little while until I get settled. Bummer. But sometimes the best thing for your future isn't the best thing for your present. That's all for now. Stay tuned...