Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Week 1

SO my first week is almost over. I am getting settled in quite nicely. I have already had two visitors. One, my AAU coaches son, who is now a freshman in college. Man I am getting old. The other being my old high school chemistry teacher. He told me some troubling things about my former high school. I may look into it and see what the hell is going on over there. Previously I told you that I may be posting some of my friends writings that he calls, "The Daily Gem". I will have to get him actually blogging instead of sending out emails. Here is what he wrote. Enjoy.

When choosing a president one of the most important criteria is judgment, and one of the first moves made by a presidential candidate is their choice of a running mate. There are many different reasons one chooses a running mate, anywhere from winning a state to electrifying the base to finding a person to help govern. This decision is one that should be analyzed carefully, and I would like to give out some reading that may help everyone come to a decision on the judgment and the priorities, as well as what each of the candidates decisions says about who they are and the campaigns they are running. I hope to get past a lot of the hyperbole and falsehoods that one may encounter when trying to find out about our choices for president.

First here is a longer look inside the decision making process that led Barack Obama to select Joe Biden, straight from The New Yorker:

Here are a few different looks at Sarah Palin:,8599,1848420,00.html

I will be continuing to send out more articles related to everything Election 08, if you are undecided or you know someone who is please do them and your country a service and make sure they are making an educated decision, not one based strictly on emotion or hearsay, but one based on facts and what really will serve our country in the next four years.

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