Thursday, October 30, 2008

Sugar Free

Some of you may think that this is about Diabetes. Well it's not. It is about my man "Sugar Free" getting on me to update my blog. When I started this I expected to have something new everyday. However, I have realized that I lead a pretty boring life. That being said. I have some new material. So, I have been at Monmouth for a little under a month and I have gotten a look at this years team and I think that we will be competitive. We just have to mix the new with the old effectively and we will be fine.

I think I may be headed to the Final Four this year (probably not with the team). It will be interesting because the games will be played in Detroit (shout out to my man Gino Gambino), but the majority of the coaches (myself included) will be staying in Windsor, Canada. Not a good showing for the city of Detroit. I assume the Final Four will never again be in Detroit.

So, I unexpectedly got down to Homecoming last weekend. What a time. I got to catch up with some people that I haven't seen in years. Got drenched at the game. Changed, and had a great time at the C'Stone (shout out to T-O Double, JPerk, Jessi, Shiri, Joe "The Commercial Realtor", Mike 'T', and everyone else that I did not mention). For those of you that didn't make it should be ashamed, it was a blast.

So, my friend and I have entered into a friendly wager. We want to see who can lose the most weight between now and the Wednesday before the Final Four (April 1). Now this is imperative not only because I need to lose weight, but because I haven't lost to this man in anything in 10 years. And I have only known him for 10 years. So, I will need you words of encouragement so that I may continue my winning ways. However, due to the nature of this wager we will both be the winners.

Last, but probably most importantly, GO VOTE NEXT TUESDAY. If you are eligible to vote than it is your civic duty to do so. I know who I would like you to vote for, but if you vote for the other guy I don't care. Just get out there and vote. The system works much better when everyone is involved.

That's all for now. Peace, and much love to you.

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