Friday, November 7, 2008

Things I Have Seen

In this blog, that will be updated as necessary, I will post some of the things that I have read or heard said about President Elect Barack Obama.

- If ten n****rs can't run a KFC how is one gonna run the country?
- What are they gonna call the white house now?
- U know the bad part is that obamas wife hates america and white people! And his dad is a terriost! All these obama lovers can drop on there knees and bow down to these! Obama is a fucking loser and he's a piece of shit!
- xxxxx is moving to least they don't have a socialist, jew hating president.

...more to come I'm sure.

1 comment:

D. Bugg said...

Yea man...i've seen some of this stupid rhetoric too - Damn shame folks resort to stupid stuff like that... He can't do no worse than W did...that's for sure...The sore racist losers need to get over it...