Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Election Day '08

So it is now upon us. The day that our voices can be heard. The day for change is here. Go Vote today. Vote Republican. Vote Democratic. Vote Independent. Vote Green. Vote Libertarian. Vote Constitution. Vote Socialist. Vote Objectivist. Vote Socialism & Liberation. Vote Prohibition. Vote Socialist Workers. Vote Boston Tea. Write yourself in. I don't really care*. Just Go Vote! That being said, my man Will wrote a Gem about it. Like to hear it? Here it go.

I have taken to calling this election a referendum on the sleaze that has become the "strategy" of the Republican party. If McCain/Palin somehow wins today can you imagine the depths to which they will go in 2012 to get a victory??? So even if you are not in love with Barack Obama, cast a vote for our country. Here is to the hope that all those who believe the con game the Republicans have been peddling can take a step back tomorrow and realize we are still one country and that their leader is not a terrorist nor anti-American. Here is to the hope that all those responsible for these disgusting smears, this pathetic fear campaign, join the hundreds of thousands of workers on the unemployment line, it is only right they spend some time with the people who are suffering the most from the policies they push.
Here is an endorsement for Sen. Obama, give a read and then find out where it is from:

"If the John McCain of 2000 saw today's counterpart, he wouldn't recognize himself, McCain is no longer a GOP maverick, or the war hero whose principles were unwavering. He has flip-flopped on issues ranging from tax cuts to torture in an effort to win over the conservative base of his party. He has waged a dismal campaign based on fear and divisiveness."

Editorial Board of Wyoming's Casper Star-Tribune
Dick Cheney's hometown newspaper

Here's to HOPE!

Lastly, please take a moment to think about the power that we are beginning to realize we possess. The best thing about this election, for me, is not the obvious but that millions of people who have discarded the idea of democracy and the power of their vote have discovered it. We are the checks and balances for this country, an educated voter can, in time, reverse most of the harm done in the last 8 years. We are responsible for this, We are responsible for not allowing another Florida in 2000, another Ohio in 2004. The ability is within us, we have all the tools to take ownership of our country, So lets keep those light bulbs Senator Obama has so magically illuminated in each of our brains burning bright. This cannot be a one time thing, for if it is we will be searching for another transcendent figure to dig us out of another deep hole before we know it. Sen. Obama has made it cool to be involved, seize that feeling and own it. This country was not created to be divided by religious beliefs, We were to be THE true democracy. As we have learned over the years just exactly what that means we have tried to correct our missteps, most, if not all of which have come from the greed of dishonorable men. So today can be the first step towards ridding our government of those not deserving of the honor to serve, and correcting the mistakes of our past. Some would have you believe Barack Obama is the devil, but not Obama or the author of the slander is the guilty party, complacency is the devil and the life blood of the Roves, the Cheney's the and Bush's. Lets conquer complacency and we will conquer them.


* - I actually do care who wins the election, I would just prefer that ALL of the people get out and decide who wins rather than a select few.

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