Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Just One of Those Days

It was a rough morning for me today. Didn't get the Dr. recommended 7-8 hours of sleep, I woke up with a headache, and major hunger pangs. Not good. Perhaps I could not sleep because I was frustrated. Have you ever been frustrated by the situation that you are in? That seems to be the boat that I was in last night, and am in today. I anticipated that I would be in a better career, financial, and family situation. I know a lot of people feel the same, and are in the same situation, but it still sucks. I know I am working towards something better, and eventually I will look back and laugh at what these times have for me, but right now I have to push through. I know I will become a better man and person after I fight through every bump in the road, so I am just going to put my head down and keep plugging away.

On the brighter side, I will be heading on down to Terpville for homecoming this weekend. It will be a chance to see some old faces, and some really really young faces. I feel like I was there just yesterday, however, I figured out that the current freshman class was in 7th or 8th grade when I graduated college. Wow. It should be fun though, and a nice get away before our season really starts. Perhaps I shall see some of you down there. If not, be safe.

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