Monday, January 5, 2009

New Year

Holy crap, it is 2009. How quickly a year goes by. I remember around this time last year I was in La Jolla trying to figure out how to help our team get a win. Some things change, yet some things stay the same. Fast forward to 2009m I am still trying to figure out how to get a win for my team. This time however, I am in New Jersey at Monmouth University instead of La Jolla Country Day, and it is 25 degrees and not 75. All that being said, we got a huge conference win this past Saturday over Sacred Heart. They were the second highest scoring team in our league and we held them to 15 points under their average, with I would say about 10 of their 56 points coming in garbage time. We have another big game against Central Connecticut tonight. A win tonight would bring us to .500 in the league and would make us undefeated in the new year. Wish us luck.

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Redonkulous said...

Tahj, I had no idea a joke blog post about you, would rise so high on google. The blog post has been removed at your request, and Im trying to figure out how to take down the comments.

You are a real stand up guy for taking it all in fun, and my bad if it caused you any drama.